Matanzas City

Matanzas was founded on October 12, 1693 and is the capital of the province of the same name. It was also known as the Athens of Cuba. It is a province whose capital is the first modern city of Cuba by urban and only used in the design and foundation criteria. In the nineteenth century the territory was a key site for the Cuban economy by the sugar industry. He had one of the highest concentrations of slaves in the country.It represents 6.1% of the population with 690,113 inhabitants (seventh), for a population density of 58.5 inhabitants per square kilometer.Matanzas, and an important sugar industry was consolidated, in recent decades, as one of the largest energy powerhouses,in the extraction and production of electricity. Tourism is traditionally one of the activities that generated most revenue to the economy of the country. With its varadero resort and its beaches in its bay bag becomes one of the most beautiful views of city, at night is a paradise admire the city, especially the beach area where you can see the whole city towers, cathedrals, palaces, parks and main streets. It has special destinations for residents and visitors. The Polynesian Restaurants have traditional cuban meal, is worthy of your visit. Cafes, shopping center, art galleries, bridges over rivers, baseball stadiums, car dancing, beaches, give the posibilidads at the tourists to spend a pleasant stay. Their homes are rent a facility for visitors and offer a family friendly atmosphere, also called the city itself, with its colonial, modern and people.


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