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In Airport

From the moment the plane lands and opens the door, , you will feel very happy because it has come to Cuba and will enjoy the Caribbean air that characterizes it.

Immigration control, ask:

The Passport and Visa

The return ticket from your country.

Medical insurance. This insurance can you get it in your country otherwise can get at that time, at the airport. (It is advisable to get in your country)

The place where you will be staying, you give the name of the owner of the house and address. The houses we announced on our website are authorized for this activity, so you will have no problem. Immigration authorities have a list of all the homes that are licensed to this activity. It is not necessary to present a Boucher, just the owner's name and home address. You do not have to pay anything at the airport to stay in a private home.

During this trip you will find some people, their flight and other flights, these people will suggest tours, taxis, rental house, buy snuff, restaurants etc.. All the order to earn a commission, you must follow his path and if you have requested a taxi will be waiting with a sign with your name.

Before heading out the door, a customs official will check your bags for the last time and if they feel that outweighs 30 kilograms you must pay the excess baggage at a cost of 10 CUC per kilogram, the payment will at CADECAs or exchange in CUC is the currency you will use in Cuba, we recommend changing your money in small bills to pay for the taxi out and spend the first night


Do not be fooled by anyone at the airport, remember you do not have to pay anything if your luggage not exceeding 30 kg; and not have to pay anything to stay in a private house, only the homeowner.

For taxis, we suggest the following:

Official taxis outside the airport, once you leave the front door you will see a long row of these, not accept proposals taxi within the airport premises, these taxis may be illegal and may charge more expensive.

Do not allow taxi driver will change the destination, although very friendly, do not be fooled, he just tries to look a commission for bringing some different house and probably illegal, then it disappears and can to have problems with the authorities. Never go to an illegal house (illegal house not pays license and stay in them is considered felony for fiscal fraud). Check that taxi driver takes you to the right place, the owners are waiting and they know your name. Some taxi drivers out on arrival, speak to the owner of any house and tell you that the house is occupied, this is false, you personally talk to the owners before paying the taxi, the owners will be waiting for you, do not be fooled.

Arrive to the rent house

The houses that we have listed on our website have all the conditions of safety and legality, are well equipped for a stay calm and comfortable at home.

Arriving at the house, the owner will ask your passport and visa. he needs to fill the relevant documents according to the present laws. The house payment to the owner / is done in CUC cash, some accept other currency, rarely. In Cuba, it is illegal for tourists to rent out hotels or unauthorized houses for rent. For staying with a friend or girlfriend /boyfriends is required to go to immigration to the homeowner to take ownership documents and change the type of visa. If you are staying in a house can not be allowed to output problems because that day is not registered in any home.

Bon voyage and happy stay in Cuba.

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