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With the aim of to make your trip to Cuba an unforgettable experience, we have compiled these useful tips for your trip to Cuba.
Visitors must be properly prepared and meet some simple rules you should consider when going through customs, either entering or leaving Cuba. You remember this information:
The incoming tourists: You must be aware of some customs regulations before traveling to Cuba, for example, do not carry weapons, explosives or pornographic magazines that are banned in the country, any article, including literature, are also prohibited if undermine safety and the rules of the country
There is a list of regulated and prohibited items you should know.
Tourists can bring, duty free, two bottles of liquor, one carton of cigarettes and personal belongings and jewelry cameras and video cameras, typewriters, sporting goods and fishing gear.
You can import, duty free, up to 10 kilos of drugs in their original container. Gifts up to $ 250 of USA Also your luggage is measured in inches Of that amount, $ 50 is tax free and the rest is 100 percent.

Visitors must have a valid passport or travel document issued in your name and the corresponding card or tourist visa with the exception of countries that Cuba maintains Free Visa agreements. The Tourist Card can be ordered in Cuban Consular Representations . Likewise, in travel agencies and airlines. There are two types: for individual tourists or tourists traveling in groups. The Business men, journalists working with the nature of Cuba, not residents or other nationality, must obtain a visa.
If none of the above items can enter it into the country, customs officials should give the traveler a duly document signed and coined by operating employee legalizing civil action, this document will be what tourists do and your rights Leaving Cuba: Be sure to save $ 25 CUC cash for the airport departure tax. Visitors leaving Cuba can take in your luggage 23 cigars, and 1.14 liters of alcohol (two regular sized bottles of 750 ml).
You must apply for official invoice from the store where I buy cigars because they must display at Customs when you leave the country. The rolled cigars have to be in original packaging with the official notes, including the new holographic seal. To export other items, such as art and antiques, must obtain a permit from the National Registry of Cultural Property. Most legitimate vendors have such permits, and can officially stamp your receipt.
Strict rules are applied to buy plants and animals out of Cuba.
The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)prohibited from leaving the country: the flora and fauna, living or preserved specimens, and items made from parts of endangered species . However, articles made from species approved by the CITES Management Authority of Cuba can be moved out of Cuba.
In Cuba's telephone networks provide direct communication within and outside the country anywhere in the world. Some hotels and resorts also offer Internet connections. VACCINATION AND HEALTH ADVICE
There is no need vaccinations to travel to Cuba. Most hotels will provide 24-hour health services with specialists and nurses. There are specialized clinics for tourists in major cities. Although water filter is clean, advised to drink bottled water to avoid tropical diseases.
Although Cuba is very safe and has a low crime rate, you should take some precautions to avoid being surprised by petty thieves, who are awaiting the opportunity to seize any property, such as wallets, Cameras and video cameras, pieces of luggage, handbags and shopping bags.
Public order is guaranteed in the streets for a lot of young policemen, always willing to help if you need it, although they do not speak English. You should take note of the following advice: Do not take more money with you than you need, and do not be careless with their belongings and buy, store well and do not remove your wallet in public places, we suggest you keep in his front pocket, check the bill at restaurants before paying, to get rid of so-called "tour guides" who do not are professionals and many of them are unaware of the history and culture of Cuba, which only pretends to be nice to tourists to deceive, keep your jewelry and valuables in the safe, the passport must leave it safe and only carry a copy.
Cuba is on Eastern Standard Time. It is in this time zone 19 years ago, the average day is 75th west, crossing Yateras,Guantanamo. Is worth noting that, from the last Sunday in March to last Sunday in October, the summer time is set in Cuba The acquisition time of noon 60th West and time is advanced according to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is one hour less.
The Electricity in Cuba is 110 volts, 60Hz, but most hotels and resorts and private houses rent have 220 volts, the power outlet are in the form of flat pins. If you bring electrical equipment, check before you leave if you need an adapter or converter.

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