Playas de Cayo Coco, Cuba.

Before arrive in Cuba

Cuba is an island you would like to imagine, but when you arrive, you realize that it was not as you imagined.

The visitor is greeted with a mixture of exotic rhythms like salsa and rumba emanating from every corner, and turquoise sea that bathes its beaches of white sand and towering palm trees that run throughout the island, Sexy and contagious rhythms of Cuba, have influenced musicians around the world, your cigars are legendary and exotic cocktails are wonderfull. Cuba, with its mixture of Spanish and African roots, is the largest island in the Caribbean and more exciting.

BEFORE MAKING THE BRIEFCASE IS NECESARY: Before all, you need to buy the plane ticket, to reach Cuba. Our recommendation is to buy the return ticket because the price is expensive after. VISA A visa is a document that contains all information of tourist ,including passport number, also for minors this document is required. MEDICAL INSURANCE When tourists get sick, they go to an International Clinic. Since 1. May 2010 is compulsory to enter Cuba have medical insurance. BAGGAGE On the plane, is forbidden to wear in hand luggage, sharp objects, razors, etc. Remember it. If baggage is lost,takes the essentials in your hand luggage. However, do not worry, you'll find everything you need in Supermarkets of Matanzas City and Varadero. You can carry baggage up to 30 kg to Cuba without paying tariffs. Tropical Clothes: In Cuba there are hot all year and you can always swim in the beach. But there are some days in winter the night temperature may be about 10 degrees Celsius. Of footwear, the sandals are best.

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