Arenas de la playa de Varadero Cuba.

Booking Matanzas

Booking Matanzas is a reliable company that provides rent in private homes, apartments, hostels and rooms in Matanzas, Cuba. All private homes advertised in are covered by their respective licenses to rent to tourists, Cuban laws laid down for such cases and are legally authorized by the Cuban government to provide this service since they pay a monthly tax the state through the National Organization of Tax Administration(ONAT). Our services are totally free. Payment of the accommodation is made directly with the owner upon arrival at the same into cash (cash) and CUC (Some owners will accept Euros or USD). Confirmation of booking one of our houses will entail a commitment to our team of recruiting this hostel waiting for the arrival of the client and for it to stay on that date. If the house requested by the customer does not have availability, is obliged to give the customer several offers are in the same area of the house requested above and have the same conditions for the customer to select another of your convenience. The reservation may be canceled by the customer, which should be informed several days before the date of arrival, through the contact form exposing the cancellation of the reservation.

To cancel reservation

Likewise, the client is required to confirm a reservation at least 10 days before the date of entry to the country. Also through the contact form with the confimation.

To confirm reservation.

Failure to do so does not entail any commitment between the parties involved. Therefore, Booking Matanzas is not responsible for the unavailability of hosting if not confirmed reservation. All personal information you provide will only be used to contact you on matters of your reservation in Cuba, never send E-mail unsolicited (SPAM) and your email will be kept strictly confidential, as well as any other information. Your email address, personal information and other data provided by you, will never be provided to any third party to other organizations, companies or groups of any other kind. Our users are always welcome and will be treated with the utmost kindness and respect. If you have questions you can contact us,will be happy to assist you.